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breast cancer boudoir rochester

Reclaim your Body

A boudoir session is a therapeutic and empowering experience for breast cancer survivors and those still battling the disease, offering a path towards reconnecting with their bodies and rediscovering the beauty they may have felt was lost. 

Why Boudoir Photography?

Body Positivity: Boudoir photography celebrates bodies in all their forms, promoting a positive and accepting view of one’s own body. This can be especially empowering for breast cancer survivors who may have undergone surgeries or treatments that altered their physical appearance.

Empowerment through Vulnerability: Being photographed in a boudoir setting requires a level of vulnerability. For breast cancer survivors, embracing this vulnerability can be a powerful step towards reclaiming control over their bodies and experiences.

Self-Expression and Identity: Boudoir sessions provide a platform for survivors to express their identity beyond the narrative of cancer. It allows them to define themselves on their terms, showcasing strength, resilience, and beauty.

Reconnecting with Sensuality: Breast cancer treatments can affect one’s sense of sensuality and femininity. Boudoir photography allows survivors to reconnect with their sensual selves, fostering a positive relationship with their bodies and often times helping reconnect sensually in their romantic relationships as well.

Celebration of Scars and Triumphs: Scars from surgeries or treatments are symbolic of the battles fought and won. Boudoir sessions provide an opportunity to celebrate these scars as marks of strength and resilience.

Therapeutic Catharsis: Engaging in a boudoir session can be a cathartic experience, allowing survivors to release emotions, express themselves, and move towards a more positive mindset regarding their bodies.

Memorable Milestone: A boudoir session can serve as a milestone marker, signifying each new step in treatment, or a new chapter as a survivor. It’s a way to document personal growth, strength, and the journey toward healing.

Promoting Mental Well-Being: Reclaiming a positive body image can contribute to improved mental well-being. Boudoir sessions offer survivors a chance to focus on the aspects of themselves that bring joy and pride, fostering a more positive self-perception.

Inspiring Others: Helping others see your journey can help them see the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s important to help other breast cancer warriors see that no matter which treatment route you chose (Lumpectomy, Single Mastectomy, Double Mastectomy, Reconstructive Surgery, remaining flat, Chemo, etc…) your beauty has in no way diminished. A boudoir session is a profound way to help spread this message of hope and healing!

How The Breast Cancer Confidence Project came about

Through meeting and working with Michaela, a Stage IIB Breast Cancer Survivor and one of the most amazing and strongest women I have ever met, I have gotten to learn so much about breast cancer, the havoc it wreaks on your body, and what the treatment process looks like. Together, we documented each step of Michaela’s journey with a boudoir shoot to show not only the changes in her body, but also that she is still the same beautiful, worthy person she was before the diagnosis and treatment.  We realized there was a need to help other women feel the same confidence and healing Michaela felt through boudoir, and that’s how the Breast Cancer Confidence Project was born!

Michaela and I are Co-founders in the project, and now have a team of volunteers helping us make our yearly Capturing Courage event possible! This event offers boudoir to women in all stages of breast cancer in Rochester, NY. We have been able to help women at all stages of breast cancer see themselves in a new light, and help them on their journey of healing.

breast cancer boudoir rochester

Get Involved

Whether you are a breast cancer survivor, have just been diagnosed, or are a supporter, we would LOVE to have you join us in this project! This project is for all of you, and the more awareness we can bring to breast cancer, the more women we can help overcome some of the body image issues that arise with theis diagnosis, and help them see how beautiful and worthy they truly are, no matter what stage of their treatment they are in. 



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Help women who are currently undergoing treatment and survivors see that their diagnosis does not define them, and that they are still beautiful inside and out. Donate a whole session, or a partial session fee to make Breast Cancer Boudoir a reality for those who cannot afford it.

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Let’s support each other, lift each other up, and help each other reach for the stars when we are only reaching for the moon. Because there is nothing more fierce and beautiful than a community of confident, strong, and empowered women working together.