We are More than our 100 Roles- Danielle’s Story & Experience

by | Jan 23, 2024 | Blog, Boudoir Experience

When I first decided to run a boudoir giveaway, I had the goal in mind of offering 3 sessions to women that deserved one. It quickly evolved into something so much more: sharing every day women’s stories and journeys, so others knew they were not alone in their struggles. It evolved into one of my biggest beliefs, which is that EMPOWERED WOMEN EMPOWER WOMEN. And sometimes that starts with just letting others know they are not alone in their journeys, and that they DESERVE TO LOVE THEMSELVES regardless of where they are in that journey. If we can even inspire one amazing woman out there to start her self-love journey, we are on the right path <3

Danielle was our 3rd place winner of the boudoir giveaway, and was so deserving of the experience. Like many of us out there, she is juggling so many role, which leaves her no time to give herself. Below is a little bit about her journey and her images from the session!

Meet Danielle!

Danielle’s Story – Through her lens

After Danielle’s session, I had asked her if she could write up a little snippet about her journey and experience, to share with you. I believe her story is so important to be heard, because I know so many women out there can relate. Here are her words <3

Wife, mommy, coworker, friend- burnt out. When I applied for the boudoir giveaway, never in a million years did I think I’d be chosen! But… here I am post-boudoir session, and I feel more confident and happy with myself and my body. 

I was (and still am) in a constant state of mom brain with 3 little boys under age 5. My husband became unable to work his job a year and a half ago. His health issues left him unable to help much with the kids. Unfortunately, his doctors are still struggling to diagnose him. 

So, now, I am the primary caregiver, cook, maid, teacher (homeschool), always-on-call mommy. 

I was also working part time taking medical calls at my (always understaffed) part-time job. I was able to quit my job to focus on caring for my family, but the situation leaves me with little time for self care. 

  I’m so grateful for the opportunity to have worked with Jolana. We have a lot of things in common, from a conservative/ modest upbringing to the overall feeling of being aloof. Haha. I’ve never seen myself as “sexy,” but I’m here to say, no matter what stigmas you have from your upbringing or about your body, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL no matter the size, the phase of life you’re in, or the stigmas that hold you back. You CAN be sexy, even after birthing babies, not having time to work out, or being mentally not all there. Just be yourself; it’s the most beautiful and rewarding thing you can do. 

If any of Danielle’s story resonated with you, please reach out and let us know! Info@rocphotoexperience.com or text us at 585-432-0403. We can’t wait to hear from you 🙂

Shout out to Glow up By Angilee for hair and makeup! She is a queen in the hair and makeup world <3 

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